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One Love Paper Co. is dedicated to the pursuit of full, adventurous lives led by our hearts’ passions and shaped by our creativity and curiosity.

We believe we each have the desire to give – as artists, writers, mothers, entrepreneurs, and world thinkers – to our loved ones, to our craft, and to our communities. To do so fully, we must first and foremost take care of ourselves. 

Our products are designed to empower the global-thinker and thought leader in all of us -- to pursue a wholehearted life full of creativity, curiosity and adventure. 


Kathy grew up with a love of paper. Some of her earliest memories were punching out holes to make handmade holiday cards with her mom. Surrounded by a family of makers, she began programming at at as a young child, and was a self-taught graphic designer and web developer at an early age.

An artist and entrepreneur at heart, Kathy opened her first company at age 25, where she has created hundreds of brands, marketing campaigns and websites over the years.

In 2013, after navigating the very all-consuming work+life balance challenges of entrepreneurship and early motherhood, Kathy saw her passion lied in inspiring other women to believe in and pursue their dreams alongside their ambitious roles.

The love for the custom sentiment - making a message that is in part written and in part a piece of art delivered through paper, carried with her throughout the years. She began making paper and media products that served women's desire to creatively contribute to the world, while pursuing a full, enriching life in which cherishing the moment, nurturing relationships, mindfulness and family come first. 

Now in it's fourth year, Kathy's unique style of planners, paper goods and gifts can be found at, on Etsy, and on Amazon.

Kathy lives with her 3 children and husband, Tim, in Sonoma, California. She travels frequently with her family to destinations across the globe. She also enjoys running, yoga, and painting, and is frequently found organizing volunteer projects related to Maker and STEM education. She blogs at about work-life balance, parenting, cherishing the moment, family travel and creative pursuits.




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