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Passion & Purpose Writing Journal


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JOURNALING PROMPTS WORKBOOK30 days of writing prompts for reflection on your passions, purpose, and reconnecting with your heart, to help you set goals that matter, prioritize your time, and live a...

30 days of writing prompts for reflection on your passions, purpose, and reconnecting with your heart, to help you set goals that matter, prioritize your time, and live a life you love.

I invite you on this journey of self-discovery to truly live into your own creative expression, passions and uncovering of purpose.

For 30 days, make a commitment to put yourself first and trust the process.

You will come away inspired, with a renewed sense of self and strength. The writing prompts will empower you to be more committed to your personal goals and boundaries needed to achieve those goals.

Example Day 3:
Think about the last time you felt fully alive.
You were free, energetic – and loving the moment. Feel into that feeling. Enjoy the feeling. How did it feel in your mind, body & spirit? What was going on in your life right then that allowed you to feel that way? What were you giving yourself? How were the people in your life supporting you? Spend a few minutes writing answers to these questions. Then, write how you could you bring more of that feeling into your regular life?

Example Day 12:
What does an uninhibited you look like? The last time I was courageous and uninhibited about pursuing my dreams was: _____
These are the fears I come up against regularly that I need to acknowledge so I can move past them: _____ If I wasn’t afraid, I would: _____ I can start with these small steps: _____

Example 'do something different' daily challenge:
Do you have unfinished projects, incomplete goals, that lead you to believe you can’t accomplish future goals? for each one, Decide if you want to discard the goal/task or finish it? Make a plan to do one or the other with any incomplete tasks or dreams holding you back.

Digital download is immediate upon purchase, at which time you will get the 39-page workbook which you can immediately print and begin using.

This SPIRAL BOUND workbook includes 30 writing prompts, as well as daily space to reflect on what you are grateful for and want to focus on each day. Each daily page also includes a "do something different" challenge and inspirational quote. Includes 39 full-color pages as well as extra ruled pages for writing, and an introduction.

"Thanks to the [workbook], I really made myself a priority for 30 days and tried/learned not to apologize for it or feel guilty about taking the time. I feel like I have a clearer path ahead of me on directions to head. The [workbook] helped me say no to things I didn't want to spend my time doing and yes to things I had put off, freeing up time to think and pay attention to little whispers, and being more aware of how I spend my time. " - S.J.

"I loved every piece of the challenge! I feel like this has helped me not only place self-care as a higher priority in my life, but also find new ways to practice self-care in the first place AND actually act on it!" - A.M.

"“I spent quality time on myself. I have learned so many things about what I want in life and what I have to do to achieve it.”" - H.M.